Social Media SEO

Social Media SEO  is Here to Stay

Social Media SEOThere’s a recent trend in the business press about integrating social media and search or basically a more holistic approach to natural search optimization, Social Media SEO there is. Search engines nowadays pays heavy attention to links and content coming from social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Goggle + and others. The key here is to play your cards right. At SEO Wonderland we’ve created a system to properly apply this powerful method to a SEO Campaign.

Social SEO is potentially great news for new businesses trying to achieve visibility in search. It’s less great news for sites that rely heavily on link buying (illegal, but hard to catch), producing huge volumes of borderline-useless content (long-tail, content farm approach), or just really old domains (previously an SEO trump card). In other words, just by applying a more holistic approach to SEO, utilizing the power of Social SEO can help double if not triple your already SEO enhanced website.

Today, people share 30 billion pieces of content on Facebook and over 5 billion tweets — about a quarter of which contain links to content — per month.

In an industry where knowing what humans like is crucial to success, search engines have figured out — and taken to heart — a delightfully simple mantra: If people share your content, it’s probably pretty good.

In a white paper called New Signals To Search Engines, Search Engine Strategies Advisory Board chair Mike Grehan says, “End users who previously couldn’t vote for content via links from web pages are now able to vote for content with their clicks, bookmarks, tags and ratings. These are very strong signals to search engines, and best of all, they don’t rely on the elitism of one website owner linking to another or the often mediocre crawl of a dumb bot.”

We’re already seeing proof of search engines taking social data into account when serving results.

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